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Chances are you already know of someone who, later in life, has had to go into care for health reasons… What is perhaps not so well known is that the cost of this care can dramatically reduce the value of your estate.

This means that the value of your home plus any savings you might have put by could be at risk and as a result your children’s inheritance could also be in jeopardy.

Of course your specific circumstances are going to be different – however if your situation is in any way similar then you need to be aware that there are sensible steps that can be taken to preserve your assets for the benefit of future generations.

By taking ‘appropriate’ action now the situation can be properly addressed and the bulk of the joint assets protected for the future benefit of your children and grandchildren.

As local experts in family law with a particular knowledge in the complex and difficult area of care home fees, Cullen Kilshaw can undertake appropriate action now to keep any care costs incurred as low as possible.

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